open Since end november 2018

we found a little paradise and fallen in love with it.

we want to share this beautiful part of El Salvador with you

Our Story

1. Why El Salvador
Xenia: is born in El Salvador and moved to the Netherlands when she was 4 years old. We met when we were teenagers and after some years we went on vacation to El Salvador and fell in love with the country. The next 10 years we often came back to El Salvador. 5 years ago we had the idea to start a hostel and now our dream came true.
2. Location
we wanted a location that we can go to the family (San Salvador and Santa Ana) but near the beach. we soon narrowed it down to "between El Zonte and La Libertad" and then we found Playa El Palmarcito.. A little paradise that is not yet discovered by the tourist
3. Playa El Palmarcito
Its a nice small beach and one of the few beaches that you can visit and is open for the public. El Palmarcito is a laid back local El Salvadorian beach community. No big walls but open and friendly. There are some restaurants on the beach and on the cliff. We take pride in our community and praise El Palmarcito as one of the safest, cleanest town and beach in El Salvador! Come enjoy the relax surrounding in El Palmarcito!
4. The Hammock Plantation
it is a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house with a nice full functional kitchen... a great outdoor space with a outdoor surfboard-shower and pool. come and enjoy the hammocks or rocking chairs. Just relax !